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Time Travelling - As easy as Pie.

It is a proven fact that time travel is possible. It is also a proven fact that anybody on earth can time travel. Here is how to time travel.

Take a cardboard box, and fill it with pure oxygen. Then, replace a
percentage of the oxygen with hydrogen. The percentage of hydrogen you need
has to be the exact amount that s equal to the formula Pie to its last
decimal point.

So far in human only 1 man has managed to get the exact amount of hydrogen in
the cardboard box, but before he could tell anyone he was transported back in
time where his cardboard box exploded and caused the creation of the universe.

This used to be a legend until part of the man's body was found in the centre
of the Earth's Sun. Unfortunately, the people who found this prove didn't
have the chance to tell anyone, as they were burnt to a crisp.

However they did have chance to record it in the computer on their spaceship
before they died. This spaceship, which had time travel capability, then
travelled back in time and tried to save the man who was in the cardboard
box. This also ended in tragedy, as the spaceship crashed into the cardboard
box, and made it explode. This explosion, that created the universe, also
destroyed the spaceship.


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