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Catholic Guilt

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the third man(temporary armistice)n strike)

As a non-Catholic, one of my biggest criticisms of Greene is his relentless introduction of Cathoilic guilt into his novels, it makes them claustrophobic and irritating and too many times it is irrelevent to the novel. Pinkie and Rose are both Roman Catholics 'You're a Roman too aren't you' Pinkie tells Rose.
Interestingly Greene returned to a similar theme in his screenplay for The Third Man, but gave it a far more mature treatment. Like Pinkie, Harry Lime is immoral but ambigous about good and evil. There is no inner struggle with this man. This is probabaly due to the fact that Harry Lime was based on a real person whom Greene knew quite well from his MI6 days, the British double agent Harold 'Kim' Philby who was to remain undiscovered for several more years, Greene shows his own ambigouity to good and evil by playing games with the rest of us. It is highly probable that Greene knew that Philby was a Russian agent and causing great harm, the film is full of allusions, but Greene saw no reason to betray him.
Like his friend Evelyn Waugh, Greene went from being an apathetic Protestant to a tub thumping Catholic and felt compelled to tell us all about it. Unfortunately the inner man had barely changed.

brighton rock-classic

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brighton rock is one of my all time favourite films.the acting is superb,the atmosphere of the film is brilliant.alongside the picture of dorian gray and whatevver happened to baby jane,this has got to be a black and white classic.

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