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I decided to learn Javascipt to further my own website. I found most books daunting. For this reason I thought I would write everything I learn in a series of articles here, that way I will learn - does that make sense? - I have a very low learning curve at the mo - this is likeley to fed the brain into some kinda response.

If you would like to learn with me then you are very welcome to do so. Along the way I shall be writing scripts here. They will be my own experients and a few from you if you would like to share your experiences, so any resemblance to others work will be coincidental. Dont forget that when writting to a specified format, some coding will have no option but be the same.

I have some experience with basic programing which will help to a small degree but this is my first venture into object orientated programing. I am used to Procedures and functions so I may be ahead of some of you a we bit but not a lot.

Some serious programers do not consider HTML or Javascript as real programing languages but be assured if you can produce a desired affect without using c++, Pearl, VB etc then why not use the simple language to achieve it ?

Now that that is out the way I'm getting started. Do remember that coding is case sensative and MyTag is not the same as Mytag or mytag.

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