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Food, yummy

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A great read again, thanks for sharing smiley - ok

Although, truth be told, I found the food you mention quite tempting smiley - drool

Food, yummy

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Thank you!smiley - smiley

Food, yummy

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Woah, that sounds tricky. I'm not adventurous when it comes to food so that sounds like hard work! Well done for trying though.

Are you starting to get the hang of it?

smiley - fairy

Food, yummy

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Natto is horrible. The Japanese seem to take a perverse pride in how disgusting it looks and tastes. (Fermented bean curd, mmmm.)

I have to say it only took one try to make me a confirmed sashimi fan (raw fish without any rice), though I would also go a long way for yakitori (grilled meat etc on sticks) or ten don (battered seafood and rice).

When I was over there restaurant and fast food prices were so reasonable that... well, I knew a guy who was there for over 18 months and had never actually cooked in his apartment. I only cooked once or twice a week (and that was usually with the toaster oven).

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