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Project; The Greek Myths

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Researcher 168963

Name; Dastardly....

Researcher number; U168963

Index page number; A648056

project title; The Greek Myths

Greek Mythology- what they believed in, and what happened to those beliefs afterwards.

The proposed entry titles that make up the project.
*An Overview of the Twelve Greek Gods
*Other Gods
*Death and the Underworld
*Other Creatures and beings

But other people have indicated they might want to help so there may be more on their own areas of knowledge smiley - smiley

Your proposed start date; As soon as you confirm I can do it

Your proposed finish date; Six weeks from then.

Project; The Greek Myths

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Hi Dastardly,

Excellent project idea - definitely gets the thumbs up. Er... ah yes: smiley - ok

Good luck with it.

Project; The Greek Myths

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...and you even get a whole new Department in the Arts Faculty: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A611218#classicssmiley - smiley

Project; The Greek Myths

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Researcher 168963

Do I get invited to join the mailing list?

Project; The Greek Myths

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Researcher 168963

And this is the unofficial index which shows far more clearly how the project is going.

Project; The Greek Myths

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Researcher 168963

Could you release these for the sub-editor please?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A650008 Heracles

http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A649910 Achilles

http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A657524 Prometheus

There are others on their way but they need polishing first.

Project; The Greek Myths

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Hi Dastardly,

The standard procedure is that the project is completed before the Sub gets going on it - mostly because once the entries are passed to the Sub, the author can't edit them themselves any more.

There are nearly always things that the author wants to re-arrange and edit as it's being written, so it's generally best to wait until you're quite positive that nothing more will need to be changed. It also means that we can process everything at once. smiley - smiley

By the way, I'll probably be shutting the University mailing list down because it's not used anymore; there have been reports of wolf-weeds in there... smiley - smiley

Project; The Greek Myths

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Researcher 168963

I see.

Erm...the six week deadline is coming up and I'm not done yet. One of my helpers was only recruited today, two days before it's all supposed to be finished, and there's real life getting in the way, and the harvest this year was awful, and I have to feed my family on burnt porridge...smiley - winkeye

Can I have an extra couple of weeks? Pleeeease?

Project; The Greek Myths

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Of course you can. smiley - smiley

Project; The Greek Myths

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How's this project coming along? smiley - smiley

One of the entries - A820559 - was submitted to Peer Review a few days ago by the original author, so I explained that it is part of this University Project, and asked for it to be removed from PR. Are these project's entries likely to become Edited soon?


Project; The Greek Myths

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We do have them in-house now, but because we spent some time chasing up a lot of projects, we now have such a huge queue of them that we can't put a date on it at the moment.

We are working through projects steadily though. smiley - ok

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Project: The Greek Myths - Complete

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Researcher: U168963 - Dastardly

Project Page: A648056 - The Greek Myths

Edited Entries:
A649901 - Greek Myths: The Origins
A647129 - Centaurs
A648452 - The 12 Olympians
A649910 - Achilles
A649983 - Gods of Greek Mythology
A668171 - Heroes of Greek Mythology
A649992 - The Trojan War
A852833 - Heracles
A657416 - Sirens
A657524 - Prometheus
A659487 - Perseus
A662456 - Pygmalion and Galatea
A670691 - Jason and the Argonauts
A820559 - The Children of Nyx
A855254 - Death and the Underworld


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