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So Long And Thanks For Laughing

  • A barrel of guns

  • A battery of flashlights

  • A body of morticians

  • A bowl of football games

  • A box of prize fighters

  • A bundle of babies

  • A carload of clowns

  • A case of lawyers

  • A cast of fishermen

  • A closet of gays

  • A collection of churches

  • A company of chaperones

  • A complex of psychoanalysts

  • A crowd of crows

  • A cup of trophies

  • A dash of sprinters

  • A deck of cardinals

  • A deck of sailors

  • A division of mathematicians

  • A drove of old cars

  • A fleet of runners

  • A flush of toilets

  • A glut of doughnuts

  • A gross of pornographers

  • A hamper of helpers

  • A handful of palmists

  • A hill of beans

  • A host of emcees

  • A jar of Quakers

  • A kettle of drums

  • A list of ships

  • A litter of slobs

  • A loaf of bums

  • A lot of car dealers

  • A mass of priests

  • A measure of rulers

  • A mess of army cooks

  • A mound of baseball pitchers

  • A number of counts

  • A pack of suitcases

  • A pan of sightseers

  • A party of fraternity men

  • A peck of chickens

  • A pile of carpets

  • A pinch of pickpockets

  • A plethora of pedantries

  • A plot of conspirators

  • A pot of poker players

  • A pound of hammers

  • A purse of kisses

  • A quota of sayings

  • A raft of swimmers

  • A range of stoves

  • A rash of dermatologists

  • A ream of bureaucrats

  • A round of wheels

  • A run of cowards

  • A run of noes

  • A sack of vandals

  • A school of teachers

  • A score of musicians

  • A sea of bishops

  • A shower of meteorologists

  • A slew of murderers

  • A slug of fists

  • A spray of cats

  • A stack of librarians

  • A string of violins

  • A sweep of brooms

  • A trunk of elephants

  • A volume of speakers

  • A wealth of millionaires
So Long And Thanks For Laughing

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