Protest against the homophobic Ugandan bill - Trafalgar Square, 12.00-15.00 10/12/2009

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I'm writing this because it is *very* important. If this bill gets passed, Uganda will start imprisoning gay folk for life, killing them if they have sex while HIV+ and giving a three year prison sentence to anyone who fails to inform the authorities about someone they know to be gay.

Many believe that this stance has been heavily influenced by homophobic religious pressure groups in the US. If this bill passes not only will life be made intolerable for gay folk in Uganda (anyone who believes we have a problem with asylum seekers* should think about the implications of this...) but it will also be a dangerous boost to the already powerful US based religious homophobic movement.

There's more about this bill on The Guardian site:

and here:

The protest will be held outside the Ugandan High Commission:

58-59 Trafalgar Square,
Charing Cross,

There's a Facebook group for the protest here:

*I don't but many do.

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