A Conversation for The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

very good ,are u another rapper.

Post 1

Angry Whitey

hi mate are u another rapper cos iam aswell but
i dont rap like that i rap like this:

im sick of m*******kers giving me so much
s**t what it is hard for me to deal with
every time i look around theres people giving me the
f******g frown then they end up looking down.
say what u like behind my back but say it
to my face and u wont just have a graze youll get my
fist cerlidindg into your face like paper mashey
or i could tab u in the main vain and give u so such pain
that ur brain will drive u insane till u cant remember ur f*****g name
so ill use this knife to stick in your neck
into your juggler vain in fact.
wanna know why cos im mad i like to hear bloodcurdling sounds before u hit the ground.

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very good ,are u another rapper.

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