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A hearty welcome, my capitalist friends!

If you have just wandered over from our bitter enemy's establishment (State Shop) please help yourself to a refreshment of your choice. We have almost every consumable item imaginable, and if we don't have one in stock, we can certainly get it!


As a special offer, you may eat in the Capitalist Shop completely free of charge!1 Yes, an entire lunch, free! 2

A Dedication


First, a tribute to our true spiritual home, the land of our Capitalist forefathers, who fought against oppression to build the most wonderful system of liberty the world has ever seen: United States of America.

May Bog protect her, and all who trade in her.

And so... to business!

And we really do mean business!

Here's just a sample of the products that we now have in stock. Just compare this to the unpredictable tat you'll find over in the State Shop!


smiley - alesmiley - bubblysmiley - cappuccinosmiley - coffeesmiley - ojsmiley - stiffdrinksmiley - stoutsmiley - tea


smiley - burgersmiley - cakesmiley - chocsmiley - corncobsmiley - cupcakesmiley - donutsmiley - flansmiley - hotdogsmiley - popcornsmiley - strawberriessmiley - strawberrysmiley - tomato

Christmas Gifts

smiley - xmaspudsmiley - xmastreesmiley - gift

Sports Goods

smiley - tennisballsmiley - racket1smiley - racket2

So... get ready to shop... and be prepared to haggle!

1'Free Lunch' is a marketing phrase and is not to be interpreted literally. 'Free Lunch' requires payment of annual subscription of $360.2TANSTAAFL notwithstanding.

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