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German has got to be the most complicated of the Indo-European languages on Earth, or at least it seems that way to anyone trying to learn it. Anyone who has taken German in High School certainly knows that feeling that they should have listened to their guidance counselar's advice and have taken something easier - say Fractals and Choas or Advanced Astrophysics with Topics. The only language to develope in Europe that was more complicated than German was the Bzw-Lulu, a complicated mixture of early German, Swedish, grunts and sign language, which eventually became so complicated to speak that the primative humans who had spoken it gave up their attempt and resorteted to the grunts that eventually evolved into the languages we speak today. The existance of this language has never been proven, but some people think that you can still hear remants of the tongue in the Bavarian dialect.
When non-German-speaking people come across Germans speaking German, the Germans are thought to always be speaking about something serious-- the language is that way, not the people. At any rate, visiters to Germany needn't bother to learn the language, since most Germans speak at least English and French, and probably also a combination of the two.

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