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Automated calls

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Gedge :-)

A worrying development in these systems, if it can get any worse, is that it is not limited to customers calling companies. For instance now if I want to complain to my IT department that I can’t log on to the Internet for some important research smiley - winkeye I have to go through the expected pressing of digits one, four, three, fume, wait fume some more etc while listening the Katrina and the Waves “Walking on Sunshine” and finally get to lodge my complaint.

The company I work for decided in its wisdom to let the employees vote on the music our customers would hear when on hold, we went for, “Hanging on the telephone” by Blondie, needless to say they ignored us smiley - biggrin

Finally, just wait until voice recognition becomes more widespread as a method of routing this call, then perhaps there will be an option for expletives.

Another good one Ormy, well done.

Automated calls

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Your best bet when confronted by these evil blights on society is to ignore the helpful "Press 1 to listen to some hideous music" voice and wait. Some of the more friendly systems then assume you don't have a tone-dialling phone and let you talk to someone.
Hitting # sometimes has the same effect.

Automated calls

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Thanks for the tip, Cabby - I'll try that!

Gedge - love the idea of "Hanging On The Telephone" as the music while you wait! Alternatively, how about Bob Marley's "Waiting In Vain", The Beatles' "No Reply" or Queen's "I'm Going Slightly Mad"? smiley - winkeye

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