The twin planets Cheese and Chips

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The twin planets Cheese and Chips circle the star MeatBall, a dark brown star with undefined white spots near the center of M42.

The planet Cheese is populated with Lunches.

The surface is covered by table mountains topped with sandwich hills. The gullys bed strange rivers some white, some dark brown and some light brown and very foamy.

The whole planet uses the same time zone it is always lunch time, this has caused some problems in the past. Eventually even the problems decided to take a lunch.

Most lunches are not so happy, or they are spilled as just lunch or they are ignored completely. This caused even happy to go on lunch.

Lunches protect themselves often by wearing a so called lunch box. They completely hide inside the box to protect from being squashed in the mean time.

Some play games as lunch break where two party's have to sit aside a table and try hard not to be eaten. They are covered by a bunch of fast food snacs hired in a nearby drive.

Others stay loose by joining an over lunch discussion while exaggerating their caloric value.

The only city on the planet is build with left over lunch boxes and good intentions.

The end of a visit to the planet will be an after lunch dip. This usually takes place between lunch and diner in the sea of the wasted foods.

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