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Entry: Babylon-5 - Synopsis - A587090
Author: TowelMaster(ACE OMFC member of SATS) - U45152

Hi to all,

This is the first entry I am submitting on the subject of Babylon-5. I will shortly submit another one about one of the main characters(Londo Molari). More of these character-decriptions will follow in the next few weeks.

the fact that I am writing separate entries on the various characters means that I have not included them here.

Hope this is satisfactory,



A587090 - Babylon-5 - Synopsis

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

Hi TowelMaster,

Good start, but it seems to end rather abruptly - 'This article will focus on the main story-lines and the way they occasionally intertwine...' - and then just ends with a list of selected episodes. Am I right to assume there's more to come, here?

I'd suggest, as this is going to be your overview, a title change to 'Babylon 5 - the TV Series' would be better, with your subsequent entries entitled '[name] - a character from Babylon 5'.

Have to ask, have you considered submitting these as a project, by the way?

A587090 - Babylon-5 - Synopsis

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Hi Jimster,

I intend to do a series of Babylon-5 articles. See my page for the entry on Londo Molari. I will submit that one shortly but I got confused because it has already been edited by the Post-team as it was published in the Post some time ago. I will sort out my 'technical problems' with Shazz tonight and then publish my first Real Babylon-5 Entry. After the initial comments in peer review I will then write/submit the G'Kar-entry. This way I can avoid making the same mistake(s) over and over again. So this is as much a test-case for me as it is an official submission.

I have not made this a uni-project because I believe that the various characters can be best described by the same person. This is also the reason that the general entry is not too big smiley - winkeye I will ultimately include the links to all the characters and probably write an entry or two on the main story-lines(war against the Shadows, the overthrow of the dictatorial regime on Earth, etc.). I think it will make an easier read than if I just push it all into one article. So yes, there is much more to come.

I'm Baaaack! smiley - smiley


A587090 - Babylon-5 - Synopsis

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Riiiight.... I am now much better informed...(think Shazz...smiley - winkeye) and I will turn this into a one-man university-project. Just remember : when THAT is published it will be a massive project smiley - smiley



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