The Murder of James Bulger

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In 1993 James Bulger was abducted by Robert Tompson and John venables from a shopping center in Merseyside. They led James Bulger past a cannel and down to a raillway Track. While there they tortured James to death.

At the time was considered to be a most savage crime to think that someone so young could commit such evil. The boys were released in June 2001 after eight in a young offenders jail. The boys were eghteen and James Bugler world have been ten at the time of their release. The boys were released to safe houses for the next few years before going to their new homes paid for by the Britsh taxpayer. The total cost for releasing these boys was estimated at around 5 million pounds. They were released on a life license. (The conditions of which means they can be sent back to prison at any time if they are thought to present a risk to the public.)

The home sectary David Blunkett and the parents of Robert Tompson and John venables expressed fears that their children could be killed within four weeks of there released by vigilantes. (A related problem with the vigilantes is that inability of these fools to get the right victim for example, during the recent anti-pedophile riots, a pediatrician was hospitalized due to the fools not being able to tell the difference between a doctor and an abuser, just spotting that the term sounded similar.)
James Bulger's parents have also expressed their fears of forbidden websites posting photographs of Thompson and Venables because other innocent boys could be targeted and the killing would be in James name.

The murder of James bugler a review of the day of the murder.24 November 1993.

The tragedy began at 3.39pm when a surveillance camera in the Bootle Strand shopping center, on Merseyside, filmed Robert Thompson and Jon Venables leading James Bulger by the hand from outside a butcher's shop. James' mother Denise was inside buying meat and had let go off him for just two minutes. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were truanting from school and had spent most of it hanging round the shopping center doing a bit of shoplifting. With James Bulger in tow the Robert Thompson and Jon Venables left the shopping center under the watchful gaze of the CCTV cameras. Then they begin a two and a half mile walk that would lead lead to the James buglers death.


Robert Thompson and Jon Venables where named by the presiding Judge. Mr. Justice Moorland, after a jury convicted them of murdering James Bulger. As well as losing their anonymity the boys, both aged 10 were sentenced to secure youth accommodation with a recommendation they serve at least eight years.

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