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If Pi = 22/11 (slacker) they are all wrong. Check the plans in the library of Alexandria, see also "Murphys" first
rule of pyramid construction !


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Um....isn't PI supposed to be approximated by 22/7???? or as the calculators tell you, 3.14259.....

22/11 is just a humble 2 I'm afraid.......

My Theory...

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...on the h2g2 writing team.

You deliberately write crap to start forums off. I read what you put about Alchemy and granted, it isn't as well-known as say, baked beans or Eastenders. So I forgave you that minor indescretion and scribbled off a few words to redress the balance (see A248230, Alchemy).

But what you wrote about the Pyramids is just bobbins! There's only so much bobbins a chap can put up with. That means that tomorrow, at work, I have to open another secret window behind Excel so that when I pretend I'm doing a costing, I'm really writing an essay slagging off what little you know about the pyramids.

Ghostwind is correct, pi is 22/7, so bully for you for pointing it out. I shall write some words on pyramids and adivise when they are posted.


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If any of you were to bother reading the 'complete' text, you would have noticed that there was a foot note attached to the reference of Pi. After noticing this, you may have tried looking for the footnote reference which is at the bottom of the work. Please pay better attention to detail!


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My dear Romik;

You might try paying more attention to things yourself. The entry as it stands is a merging of several pieces of work, edited together by the boffins at h2g2. The footnotes were, if I am not much mistaken (and I'm not, because I wrote a large portion of the original text), additions to the entry AFTER the forum was created and debated.


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Could someone explain to me the relevance of Pi? I have to say that I am impressed by the degree of accuracy the Egyptians managed in constructing the pyramids otherwise.



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The accuracy with which a culture determind Pi is one of the gauges of mathamatical skill that culture had. The more accuratly a culture calculated Pi, the more they must have known about math to get to that point. So if the egyptians calculated very closely to what Pi actually is, it adds a bit more respect for them in some circles.

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