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il viaggiatore

I've read it several times myself. I always recommend it to my foreign friends as a realistic (if unflattering) picture of America.

A576128 - Koro - the genital retraction syndrome

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

I love it smiley - smiley

Finally I know why I don't like to go swimming in very cold water smiley - winkeye

Bossel (Scout)

Congratulations Mikey!

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Good work! So good in fact, that this entry has been selected for addition to the edited guide, so it has. Please be patient while it goes through the editing process, and inevitably you will get an email to let you know when it's finished and displayed on the front page. Hooray!!


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You know what? My goodies do this sort of thing regularly. To be absolutely honest, it's been happening very frequently this past while, related to a bit of recent business most folks who are active oughta be aware of at this moment. My thingies have really retracted straight up into my abdomen with almost nothing sticking out any more. I felt like I've been emasculated. I've had to go searching to find where my b***s had gotten themselves to. Remembering what I had read in this entry I was in a bit of a panic, believe me. But no operation was necessary for retrieval and fixture - they returned on their own when they felt safe again.

I do think this is stress-related - it can be a useful feature in a fight situation. With your sensitive bits inside your body cavity they're less vulnerable to knocks and so on. I wonder if this is not a regular thing with men, only because of its private nature it rarely gets talked about and when it happens to some guys and they don't know why, or that it happens to other guys too, they panic. I really wonder. I myself have never heard of it as a phenomenon until I read this. And then thought to myself, yeah, that's it alright...

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