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Hello and warmest welcomes. I'm "Large" Tony Fenji (I'm not fat), and you are in my office. I have a little motto, "You scratch our backs, we'll make sure no one shoots you in yours". And this is true, true as the sun rises and sets everyday. Here, we whach our brothers and sisters backs, they respect us, we respect them. But, ya' know, not everyone likes to follow "the rules", but we take care of trouble makers like them, the "family way".

Sadly, it's true, people are always blaming us for incidents, like when a man owes dues to be payed to the "family" and his shop gets blown up. Thats just coincidental. Sure, you can barrow all the money you want, all the favors you want, and all the illegal weapons, drugs, and slave labor you want, you just got to pay them off. You can pay them off and be a happy somebody or you can run and hide and go home a dead body.

Now that I've explained the rules, go out and enjoy the race track, the casino, and the large fancy house partys for no reason, just remember, you can leave, but you're never gone

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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