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wow ... well done (author), whoever you are

got some de javu reading this entry on Sun Tzu ... I this it stems from having read TE Lawrence' "7 pillars of wisdom"
aside from providing a vivid travelogue, Lawrence goes into a bit of astro-planning to: his philosophy in the arab rebellion was informed by Clause von 'somebody' but strangely, the hun's chinaman antecedent doesn't seem to get a mention

the doctrine was distilled in chapter LIX of 7 pillars with the observation that "in a real sense, maximum disorder was our equilibrium" ... guerrilla warfare in other words

one wonders if messrs Shrub & Blair have ever pondered why we (I'm from AUStralia & did time there) didn't win the war in Vietnam in spite of not losing a battle

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The general in charge of the North Vietnamese forces was well read in Sun Tzu......see details of the "Tet offensive", which is classic art of war stuff.

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