The Adventures of Flavour Flave.

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Episode 1

It was a bright sunny morning, and flavour flave was in the flave mobile cold lamping. As he drove along the car stereo playing loud he saw his good friend Mike B of the Beasty Boyz. Mike B had just come from a tibetan freedom rally.

"What up Mike B?" said flavour flave, "oh yeaah that's me" came the reply.

Mike B then went on to explain that the tibetan people needed Flavour Flave's help.

"How can I help?" said Flavour.

"We need you to infiltrate the chinese government and sabotage their oppresive plans" Mike B informed him.

Flavour Flave wasn't happy with this idea but found himself unable to prevent what he was about to say..."Yeeeeeahhh boyeee" he exclaimed.

Episode 2

Mike B turned to Flavour Flave and said "The first thing you will need to do is visit Chuck Dee from Deaf Marmalade records and get him on our side"

"Mike, is this coldmedina?"

"Yes Flavour it is just trust us and you will be fine." replied Mike B.

Flavour returned to the flave mobile and set off on his way to chuck dee's house "Why did I let myself get involved in this nonsense?" he asked himself

Flave arrived at Dee's house 5 minutes later and knocked on the door. Dee cautiously opened the door and let him in. Flave explained what had happened so far.

"Flavour Flave, you idiot! you ruined this whole thing, don't you remember that the Beasty Boys was only Adam Ranch who did all the voices. Mike B is an enemy agent!" Chuck Dee exclaimed

Just then an envelope dropped on Chuck Dee's mat. He picked it up and read it. "What is it about?" Flave asked.

"It's a letter from the chinese government. It says they're suckas, they want me to join their army!" Chuck Dee replied with a worried look.

Episode 3

Chuck Dee slowly parachuted down to the ground and breathed a sigh of relief "Phew, that was a lucky escape!" he exclaimed

"Surely that's the biggest cop-out ever" replied Wesley Pipes, the Pipe Pipe Pipe member who may have saved him.

"I'll have to get the ES1Ws on you if you mention any of this again!"

"A loud "YEAAAAAAAHHHH BOYEEEEEEE!" announced Flavor Flave's safe landing.

"It's about time we reported all this to Proffesor Gruff" said Wesley Pipes

Flavor Flave pulled out the Satellite phone and set up a connection with Gruff, "Suckatash a means for kids to make cash" intoned the learned one


"Yo, I ain't no toast"

Episode 4

Wesley Pipes lay cold on the floor of the helicopter as the rotors began to speed up. Flavor Flave started to lift the chopper off the ground and pointed it towards China. Chuck Dee turned to him and said "Flave, are you sure you want to be in on this?"

Flavor Flave hoped to seize a chance to get out of this peril and began to make an excuse unfortunately the words that came out were "Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh Boyeeeeee!"

3 hours later

Wesley Pipes began to stir from his sedative induced coma and lifted his head, "Are we nearly there?" he exclaimed.

"Jus' touchin' down now boyeee" said Flavor

As the chopper touched down they all exited and met up with resistance leader the Dali Piper.

Silently he led them to just outside the chinese government building, with trepidation they scaled the walls and entered through a window.

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