Breaking the Limits

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Or rather: finding the limits

             Marrakech Algeria Tunesia

            Marrakech Algeria Tu. Libya Libya

      Marrakech Algeria Algeria Libya Libya Egypt Egypt

 Western- Algeria Algeria Algeria Libya Lib Egypt Egypt 
Sahara Maur. Mali Algeria Alger. Libya Lib. Egypt Egypt 

   Mauritania Mali Mali Alg Niger Chad Lib. Sudan Sudan 
TG Mauritania Mali Mali Niger Niger Chad Sudan Sudan Eritrea 
Senegal Mali Burkina- Niger Niger Chad Sudan Sudan Eth. Eritrea 
GB Guinea Faso Benin Nigeria Cam Chad Sudan Sud Ethiopia Djibouti 
SierraL G Cote Togo Nigeria er Chad Central Sudan Ethiopia Eth Somalia 

  Liberia D'ivore Ghana Nig oon African Republic Sudan Ethiopia Somalia

             Equatorial Guinea Cameroon Demo Rep Ugan Kenya Somalia

                                    Gabon Rep Democ Rep Rwanda Kenya

                                         Congo DemRep Cong Burundi Kenya

                                                Democ Rep Congo Tanzania

                                                 Angola Congo Zam Malawi

                                                 Angola Zambia Zam Mozam

                                                Angola Zambia Zim Mozambique

                                               Namibia Bot Zimbabwe Mozam

                                               Namibia Botswana Mozambique

                                              Namibia Bots South Swaziland

                                              Namibia South Lesoto

                                                      South Africa South

                                                         South Africa S A

(some links, colours, alternatives and titles to do). Links to both test pages. First is just small enough to fit in pda, next is just too big <?>

This one works


Trying to break the limit

Each of the skins and browsers warp the continent in another way, but most keep it in range of human recognition.

The skin links are just while some browsers have problems editing the URL :D

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