Pizza Express Restaurants: A Guide

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Pizza Express have grown from a small inspired business in 1948 to a huge international chain today. With almost 300 restaurants (and that figure growing monthly) it's very likely that wherever in the UK or Ireland you are, you are within driving distance of a Pizza Express. This entry aims to independently review various restaurants using a number of factors.

It is important to add at this point that the rating are done only from one person's opinion and are highly subjective. They should not be taken as fact but as a loose guide*. I must definitely stress that there is no intention to 'expose' certain restaurants and definitely not to put anyone off. I have not yet found a restaurant I dislike, and others may have opposing opinions.

The Scale

The restaurants are rated in these categories:
  • Nice toilets : a major factor at any restaurant where you intend to stay awhile.
  • The Atmosphere : not very scientific and will vary day to day but a measure of how friendly, welcoming and encouraging the particular restaurant feels.
  • The Character : how likely you are to remember this restaurant above other all the others*, also used to measure the classic styles [as opposed to modern ones].
  • Modernistic : how modern the restaurant is; this is usually the intended style.
  • Service : the competence of the staff * and their attentiveness to customers. Very much a 'business' level.
  • Location : how easy it is to park, how close to hotels or shops.
  • Flowers [or other plants] : in two parts: ON TABLES and OTHER*.
  • Chef easily viewed : a major plus for Pizza Express is that you can often see the food being prepared. This factor is worked out as how much of the restaurant can see the chef(s) preparing.
  • Colour Scheme : of course this varies restaurant to restaurant and no colours are 'the best'. This is worked on how well the furniture, floors and walls match.
  • Lighting : bright lighting creates an 'eat-quickly-and-go' feel often found in fast food restaurants and can be intrusive. Too dark and you can't see what you're eating. This measures how the lighting suits the feel of the restaurant.
  • Friendliness of Staff : the more 'social' version of service. Do the staff make you feel at ease? *
  • Eating outside : not something to do in the winter, but is the provision there if you want it?
  • Disability Access : an important factor in making all people welcome. This includes steps outside and within the restaurant, though not all people with disability may find them hard*.

  • OVERALL : the final score.

The Numbering

  1. Very little [unsurprisingly 0 being none]
  2. Poor
  3. Limited/average
  4. Good
  5. Excellent

The Individual Restaurants

This list will be continually added to as the number of restaurants I have visited increases.

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