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Welcome to the third edition of the Vice's Advice, and
this issue is one especially devoted to smileys.

First of all, I would like to finally lay rest to the
rumours that since the BBC "Take Over" of h2g2, all smileys
will be removed. This is not true - the art team are
currently at work in re-designing smileys to make them
comply with the BBC logo you can see on the top left. As
the "B" "B" "C" are all square letters, from now on, this
is the shape of the h2g2 Smileys:
Square, as in logo
The BBC will have its own smiley, and be known as "BBC of
BBC of Borg


One thing that the Presidential Team has noticed is that
the health of the smileys is decreasing rapidly. Their diet
of fast food such as smiley - burgerburgers, chocolate,smiley - chocsmiley - donutdoughnuts, hot dogs
smiley - hotdog and popcornsmiley - popcorn
is leaving them sick smiley - yuk, ill smiley - ill and in some cases is even fatal! smiley - skull

This could be the face of the smileys of the future:
A buried smiley

So, what is the solution? What can be done before all
smileys become fat smiley - puff, or even
worse, result in bruisingsmiley - bruised, injury smiley - injured and death?

The Solution

Luckily we, your Presidential Team, care about smiley
wellfare. That is why we have created the NHS - Nurse h2g2 Smileys - and
have employed a team of professionals to
look after the smileys. Yes, you can now see smiley - doctor doctors and nurses smiley - nurse
around to keep the smileys fit and healthy.


We also plan to introduce a healthier diet for smileys,
one which includes fruit and veg and a healthier selection of drinks than booze, including tea, orange juice and water.

smiley - corncobVegetables
smiley - ojOrange Juice
water dropWater


We also encourage them to take up sport. Here are a few examples of smileys that follow the Peregrin Plan to a healthier and fitter life:

BarbellAdvanced Weightlifting
smiley on it's headYoga
parachuting smileySkydiving

Yes, we can promise to make all smileys big and strong!
Smiley that has followed the Peregrin Plan

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