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Sweet Twenty-something and never been

I had my first virtual kiss last night and I am
still walking on air. I would even hazard a guess
that it was better then my first real kiss.

My first real kiss took place when I was 15, a very
late starter for a country girl, and it was courtesy
of one of my eldest brother's friends who had
accompanied him home from vet school. It was strange
to put it mildly and I found myself completely at a
loss to know what to do with the constituent parts of
my mouth. When I had finally work it out, it turned
out to be quite a pleasant experience but as my Father
would say 'No great shakes'. As it turned out I never
saw the young man in question again, probably because
he and my brother proceeded to fall out over a fellow
female student.

Last night was all the sweeter for the fact that
despite the fact that I consider myself to be a
reasonable kisser, once again I was at a loss. A text
based kiss seems so dry but put in context and it has
to be the most romantic thing possible. I found
myself talking to one of my net friends and thinking
to myself
'I really want to kiss this person!'.

This was quite a shock and immediately presented me with a
huge problem - he is the other end of the country.
Unsure of how to handle the situation I ran through
the options. I could simply say 'I want to kiss you!'
and wait and see his response. I could not say
anything in the vain hope that the feeling would
subside. Or I could sum up all my courage and type
something along the lines of
*Damson leans forward and gently kisses you on the lips*.

I chose the latter, sent the message and
immediately regretted it. What if he got offended?
What if he told me he didn't like me? What if I saw a
picture of him and he turned out to be the Bugblatter
Beast of Traal? What if he held me to this piece of
cyber impetuosity. What seemed like an age passed.
Then, finally, the message came back.
*I blush and kiss you back.*

The first thing I felt was relief. The second was that warm flood of emotion that makes you realise that you may be on the verge of something nice. The third was that cyber kissing is quite as
nice as the real thing. Different but nice none the

Damson Jones

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