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This is the forum for Vegetables in the UK and as a self confessed Vegman I have a great liking for these items. This is not promoting vegetarianism. I would like to make it quite clear I think Vegetables compliment meat beautifully, although I must admit some vegetarian dishes can be Mmmmm.

FRUIT: If fruit is so good for you, why is it so many people dont eat more of it ?. They are far better than suppliments ugh! The banana is the UKs best selling fruit. I sell 3 to 4 times more Bananas than any other fruit. A good choice as they are full of potassium which will give you energy and takes away that listless feeling. BUT there are other fruits full of Vitamin C, good if you are always going down with colds and the like.


You can detoxify the blood by ONLY eating your favourite fruit for a day or so and drink loads of water and nothing else. It will take away that tired feeling and give you more engery, especially if you include Bananas. Dont over do it though, a couple of days a month is fine. Side effects minimal, but as most of the toxins leave the body by normal exits (Thats why plenty of water) some leave through the skin and may come out in spots for a while. Take my word for it, it's well worth the effort. If you are on a special diet for medical reasons only detoxify under the guidance of your doctor or dietician what ever method you choose to use.

Being a settler in the South East of England Born and bred in Gravesend. Now residing in Maidstone.(Kent - The Garden of England) I will be reporting on whats available in the UK at this time of year. What about You starting your own page for other areas.

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