Swinford, County Mayo, Ireland

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I don't actually know anything about Swinford. Oh, I WANT to know, because Swinford is my last name.

Judging by the most recent census of county Mayo (which is online), there are absolutely no Swinfords living anywhere NEAR Swinford, Ireland. I don't know if this should suprise me or not. Now, after looking at the geography of the area, it seems that the Swinford name comes from a description of the land and the occupation of my ancestors. This theory of mine is reinforced by our coat-of-arms. Three boar's heads superimposed over what could easily be interpreted as a river. Swine Ford, quite literally.

There was also a Katherine Swynford that was aunt to one of the kings of England. Was she from Swinford, Ireland? No? Was the town named after the family?

No offense to you Brits (limey b******s ;)), but I'm hoping it's not the latter. See, I've most definetly got the taste for a nice, thick Irish Stout, and it'd entertain me to no end to know that this was because it's in my blood. Heh heh.

I'd really like to do an article on Swinford. If anyone out there can help me with info, please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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