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Holland is the Home of the Dutch, who are famous for Colonising, Cheese, Canals, Coffee, Cannabis Legislation and generally being very tall, probably to act as wind-breakers in an otherwise very flat land.

About 40% of Holland is below sea level and is guarded by dunes (cool guys in leather and sunglasses), and dikes (butch women in dungarees and sensible shoes).

In an ongoing and often seemingly futile war, the Dutch have managed to reclaim 27% of their land from the sea over the past 1,000 years. Which accounts for their fascination with Colonising other, less watery, lands. Dutch is the almost universal language and sounds very much like trying to gargle with Tuberculosis and a Cleft Palette. Fortunately, the Dutch are more than good at English, and are also, as a general rule, one of the friendliest Nations ever likely to invade your continent and set up home.

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