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It's been a while since I've been here reading your "column" (if I may call it that). But I still like it as much as before.
I'm a bit ashamed, the mediative pie-slinging started of in Belgium (Bill Gates got "pied" here, but he was far from the first), and what looked like fun in the beginning has already lead to some regrettable fistfights (among others, with a French philosopher, who already got "pied" five or six times).
Being not really a supporter of (American-style) political correctness (which certainly doesn't mean I'm offensive) I DO like words that can not be misinterpreted. One I recently learned is "CALLIPYGIAN", an adjective meaning "having or pertaining to shapely buttocks". It can be used for both sexes. Etymology: Greek kallipygos, from "kallos" (beauty) and "pyge" (buttocks).
I'm waiting for opportunities to use it without being offensive... ("The passing years had massaged her youthful figure into that of a woman of enviable callipygian luxuriance.")


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Thank you for the encouraging words. I'm just in the middle of writing my latest column, which should be online tomorrow. Hope you enjoy that too!
I can appreciate that the joke might wear a bit thin if you got the smiley - flan treatment five or six times. But if the victim was a philosopher, I suppose s/he should have been able to put the experience in perspective!
And thanks for "callipygian" - I'll have to remember that! It IS a bit more elegant than saying "nice ass", isn't it? smiley - smiley


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I enjoyed it thoroughly! smiley - ok

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