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I have brought you two articles, so far, on the 'foot and mouth' disaster and there is not really a lot more to say - I hope I do not fall into the trap of continually repeating myself like most newscasts.

There have been many mistakes made and, in hindsight, we can all become judge and jury.


I was wondering if burial of the culled animals was a good idea. Low and behold, a report has come in where they are having to dig them up because of fears of contaminating water supplies.

The vaccination debate continues, but more information is coming to light. It seems we are worried about losing our 'infection free' certificate which allows us to export animals. We cannot claim to be disease free if there is a chance of it recurring.

Even if they vaccinate animals, they would have to kill them later to get our certificate back, or wait for a whole disease-free year. So, either way, vaccination still gives our animals an early death warrant.

The elections have been posponed for a month. One reason given was that Tony Blair cannot spend the time needed on the crisis and campaign for re-election at the same time. He is also saying out loud:
'Our Countryside is Safe !'

It would be more believable if he said:
'Most of our countryside is safe'.

This would be more truthful. It is only certain parts of the country that are affected, although I cannot see his words being convincing enough to make people want to visit our country.


Wet Weather continues - one group of farms, who have normally planted hundreds of acres of potatoes by now, report that they have only managed to plant 15 acres. It doesn't take a genius to work out that a severe shortage is coming.

The potatoes already planted are in extremely wet ground and are likely to get blight very easily so, even if you do get some potatoes through, only a few will probably be of reasonable quality.


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