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The Return of The Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase is a wildlife artist based in South Africa. He says "My aim is simply to express the beauty and wonder that is in Nature, and to heighten people's appreciation of plants, animals and the wilderness. Not everything I paint is African! Though I've never been there, I'm also fascinated by Asia and I've done paintings of Asian rhinos and birds as well. I may in future do some of European, Australian and American species too. I'm fascinated by wild things from all over the world! I mainly paint in watercolours ... but actually many media including 'digital' paintings with the computer!"


A pair of klipspringers.

Klipspringers are small antelope occuring over much of sub-Saharan Africa. They can frequently be seen perching prominently on the small rocky hills that dot the savannah. They have remarkable straight, upright hooves, and they walk, run and jump around on the very tips, like ballerinas! They also have thick, coarse fur to protect them from bumps and scrapes in their rocky surroundings. The rams have straight upright little horns, while the ewes have none. Klipspringers usually pair up for life, and couples almost never stray more than a few metres away from each other. When some disturbance forces them apart, they whistle at each other to regain contact, and rub their faces together on being reunited.

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