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One of our researchers was so affected by the temporary loss of h2g2 that he felt moved to compose song lyrics!

Here are the first few examples of his efforts. More will follow next week!

When you Surf through a Storm

When you surf through a storm

Hold your mouse up high

And don't be afraid of Yahoo!

At the end of the storm

Our site WILL be back

And we'll breathe a collective 'phew!'

Surf on, post on

With faith in the Towers

And you'll never type alone,

You'll never post alone!

We've Got a Great Site. (We ARE the Champions!)

We've got a great site,

And we've had a ball,

We got it from Mark and Peta and Abi,

And we thank them all,

But now they're short of money,

And they're in a jam,

They're financially challenged, but I'm still an ACE,

And I'm proud that I am!

(Chorus, accompanied by virtual cigarette lighters)

We're h2g2, my friends,

And we'll keep on posting to the end,

We're h2g2, we're h2g2,

No time for Yahoo!

'Cause we're h2g2,


(Where is Fenchurch M. Mercury when we need her?) ;-)

Get Back h2g2 (Lennon/McCartney/Ormondroyd)

Mark M was a man who edited a website

Till one day it disappeared.

All around the world Researchers said 'That's not right!

Life without our website's weird!'

Get back, get back,

Get back, 'cause we can't stand our loss!

Get back, get back,

Back to where you were the boss!

Peta was the woman who assisted Mark M,

Always lent a helping hand.

Without h2g2, life's just empty mayhem,

Peta, can't you understand?

Get back, get back,

Back to your desk and your gin!

Get back, get back,

Let us exiles come back in!

Sweet young Abi Sawyer had so many faces,

Racehorse, diarist, spectral rat.

Abi, don't you know that without h2g2,

Suddenly our world's gone flat?

Get back, get back,

To Lochangel, Pepys and Grim!

Get back, get back,

Don't let our site's light grow dim!

Ooh, get back, get back,

All of you - don't count the cost,

Get back, get back,

Cause without our site, we're lost! :-(

The House Of h2g2 (Trad. arr. The Animals/Ormondroyd)

There was a site in cyberspace,

They called h2g2,

And it was the ruin of many a phone bill,

But now it's gone, I'm blue :-(

Now the editor of this great site,

Mark Moxon was his name,

And when our website disappeared,

We wondered 'what's his game?'

Without our cybernetic home,

We're lost, like refugees,

Mark Moxon, don't leave us out here,

Give us our site back, please!

Researchers, tell your children,

Not to do what I still do,

Log on by day, and then by night.

Tryin' to find h2g2.

Now some go through cold turkey,

Or nicotine withdrawal,

Without our site, I'm goin' cold mouse,

Is that the worst of all?

There was a site in cyberspace,

They called h2g2,

And it was addictive for many a sad case,

Like me - and, maybe, you?

All written in the best possible taste by

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