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A plague of cane toads climbing across each other.

Toad en Croot

Catch ten toads and boil in brine,

Add Herbs de Province, some whiskey and wine.

Add pepper and salt to whatever your taste,

Then tear out the guts, but don't let them waste,

Saute them slowly with garlic and oil,

Stirring them gently; but don’t let 'em boil.

Flatten the toads with the back of an axe,

Wrap all in pastry – sit down and relax.

When you have finished the bottle of wine,

Go back to the kitchen and all will be fine,

Put all in the oven for one half an hour,

Go to the garage and get in the car

Drive to the nearest fast food take-away

Get burger and chips – feed the toads to the jay.

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