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Greebo's lesson for this week and more on the life and times of Greebo.

ICQ... what is it...

ICQ is a computer program able to be downloaded from the Internet, or often given away as a 'freebie' on the cover discs of computer software magazines. Pronounced 'I-Seek-You... it was taken over by America Online in 1998 for $280 million dollars in cash. It now has around 40 million users, and is totally free*.

ICQ was one of the first Internet Chat Programs, which allowed users to message with one another across the Internet in Real Time. There are many similar Chat Tools around now, such as the Yahoo Messenger, but ICQ still holds the number one spot with the most users.

Not only can you message with ICQ, but you can also use voice messages, ICQ mail, send files and URL's, and numerous greetings. To use it all you have to do is install the program, and register. You will receive a unique ICQ number, also known as a UIN (Universal Internet Number). The program will ask you a few questions, which you have the option of answering or not, and that's it!

Once you have registered you will soon start to compile a list of online friends, and begin to talk to people from all around the world and beyond. Many researchers on h2g2 already have ICQ. Think how nice it would be to Real-Time-message with the new friends that you have made here. A word of warning though, ICQ is nearly as addictive as h2g2



I have long known of my high standing in the h2g2 community and the many, many fans I have acquired on my travels around h2g2-land. I realise your deep longing to be like me, and I know how you would all indeed like to be me. Unfortunately you can't, as Greebo is most certainly unique, and nowhere in this universe is a being so purfect and lovably cute, as me.

To help you come to terms with this, which I know must be heart rending sorrow, I have agreed to the forming of the Greebo Appreciation Society, or GAS as it is known on h2g2. I realise that this is only a small step towards making you all feel better about yourselves, but even a small step is better than falling flat on your face and breaking your nose in six places. ~Grin~

To join GAS, all you have to do is follow the link from my homepage, and, if you join, you will get your own rather special badge to put on your own homepages. What more in life could you ask for???

Respect's Greebo T. Cat


Someone once said me suffered from Egotism! It's a dirty lie... me has never had those sort of feelings towards an egg in my life!!!!

The End... Or is it...
Tune in next week... same cat time... same cat channel... ~grin~

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