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Every day a number of newly approved entries are recommended on the h2g2 Main Page... These go by unnoticed to most users as they focus around their own page. This weekly article points out and reviews the ten most entertaining and interesting entries of the week, as far as I'm concerned anyway. My tastes do not reflect yours in any way and feel free to have completely different ideas from mine, it is after all a free country.

  • Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK A massive entry on this Welsh city. Just about everything is covered and if your planning a trip there this entry would be a good place to start.

  • Giving up Smoking Not exactly a guide entry yet, but worthy of a mention if it helps us get a step further to getting rid of the dreaded weed.It isn't that I have anything against smoking, I just think of all that money in tax going to the government; it's enough to make anyone cough and splutter.

  • Gonorrhoea or The Clap Never had it and, after reading this, I don't want it either. So dig out the rubbers and join me in praying it is enough to keep the bugs at bay (This is the closest you will get to a public health warning from me ;-) )

  • Lanzarote and Scuba Diving It's nearly the holiday season and, if you still haven't decided on what you want to do yet, here is an idea for something a little more interesting than sleeping on the beach all day and getting smashed on cheap lager at night... like I normally do.

  • Laurence Olivier A brief history of one of the 20th centuries best known actors.

  • Schadenfreude You're all sick, cruel, heartless people, you know that don't you... What?, don't believe me... take a look at this entry and then deny it. If you do deny it, not only are you cruel, sick and heartless, you're also a liar :-)

  • Smorgasbords in Christchurch, New Zealand Having just demolished a pack of biscuits ( and still feeling hungry) this entry really spoke to me. Just a shame they are on the other side of the planet. If, however, you live in the district, read this then pig out.

  • The Florin and Firkin, Utrecht, The Netherlands Well after the smorgasbord your gonna want a drink and this place sounds like one of the better drinking establishments on the planet. I challenge you all to a yard of fizzy beer.

  • The Agony of Being a Chicago Cubs Fan Deserves a mention just for their devotion; a well written entry on what can only be described as an unlucky team. Read this and share in their pain and suffering.

  • The Literary James Bond One of the most succesful film franchises of all time and certainly the longest running. If you want to know where this modern day hero came from, find out here.


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