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Every day five new approved entries are recommended on the
h2g2 Main Page. These go by unnoticed to most users as they focus around their own page. This weekly article points out and reviews the five most entertaining and interesting entries of the week.

  • Porta-Potties simply explains the fact that these devices exist and why exactly that is. This is followed by some handy tips on what to do if you need to interface with the little cubical. As you read on, they seem to become less and less useful, yet quite entertaining. But be sure, if you can, to avoid the things, you'd be wise to do so!

  • Caution Wet Floor is another short, concise entry. In fact, it's probably one of the smallest approved entries on h2g2. It explains what these little yellow objects we encounter far too often in Britain (due to atmospheric influence) do. Well, they normally don't do much at all as it is likely (with their fantastic design and placement) that, by the time you've seen them, you have already entered the zone of mild dampness...

  • Esperanto - defends the poor synthesised language - yes, that one more dead than Latin. Well, according to this article, it's life hasn't come to an end quite yet. Though a fabulous, remarkable idea to create an international language, the chances of it catching on are very small - in fact, it's more likely that it will die out in a generation or two. The problem is, most people aren't motivated much by an idealistic concept - they won't learn a whole language so, maybe, eventually it will be universal. Well, it's a shame but what can one do?

  • Simple Machines -explains the simple (yet amazing) mechanisms without which not only our whole way of life, but life in itself, may not be. Though the previous statement may seem unnecessarily profound, it does have meaning. The lever plays a vital mechanical role in how we (and animals) move. Though not in the same form, our arm acts like a lever. The entry explains the simple and the less simple machines and then goes on to wish for something close to perpetual motion. Oh well, as said last week, Nuclear Fission is our only hope. How I hate promoting BNFL...

  • Sleep Deprivation explains what I seem to be doing right now! I see myself as an example that, even without good sleeping hours and a scheme, one can live a normal life. However, associating the word 'normal' with me may be going a bit far. But, even on days that I do skip my coffee, I have no problem. Why quit while you're ahead? ;-)

This week, I can (for no particularly good reason) blame the editorial team for my even more limited hours of sleep as, with great kindness, 40 entries were added to the Guide this week for me to sift through. I hope that they calm themselves down soon, else Take Five will get considerably longer ;-)


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