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Meddle not in the Affairs of Dragons, For you are Crunchy, and Good with Mustard. OK, after the above line I will let you know that we are going to delve into the life of a Dragon, not just any Dragon, but the 'Queen Dragon of Damogran'. Now, sit back and enjoy the tale of bluDragon [alias U15304]

bluDragon resides in the Southern part of Michigan, USA and is in the process of moving to 'da Yoop' [Upper Peninsula of Michigan] where she is building a log cabin by the shore of Gitchee-Gumee 'shining big-sea water' [Lake Superior]. When asked about her age she would only say she was older-than-dirt, really, older than DNA (hhmm..is anyone THAT old???). According to bluDragon, older-than-dirt is when your first computer was a Sinclair (1k of ram, 4 more k were extra), when you can remember Big Band music, Elvis during his good years, and The Beatles coming to the US. If you can remember the Blitz and hiding under the kitchen sink during the bombings, you qualify as older than dirt. bluDragon remembers when John F Kennedy was shot, saw Walt Disney open the first 'Disneyland' and Queen Elizabeth the Second crowned (transatlantic cable), on the television in the 1950s... for that matter she remembers when there was NO television! OK, she qualifies, and can claim the title of 'Older-than-dirt', but we still love her just the same.

Once upon a time she was a librarian and still enjoys books, but now finds it a toss-up as to which she enjoys more, the books or the computers, (Macintosh is her fav.) because she seems to have become addicted to writing HTML and anything dealing with computers.

About 10 years ago bluDragon lost her husband to cancer, which left her to raise four female dragonets on her own. She admits to having a long and somewhat colourful past. Since her innocent beginnings she has had three legal significant others (and a couple of very happy memories). At present she has found a great significant other that is well aware of her draconic side as well as her Queendom, magick and everything else. He understands she is a bit on the crazy side but loves her all the more for that reason.

When asked to describe herself, she admitted to being a jolly kind of dragon. Not at all menacing, but she does find a few things that get her riled up every time... censorship, stupidity, narrow-mindedness and cruelty to critters both smaller and weaker than us. As for other dragons, for the most part they are pretty reasonable creatures, having their own personalities and an air of 'nobility' that is sometimes lacking in other creatures. Oh yes, she also lets it slip about their love of chock'lit and other yummy stuff, sometimes eating it and sometimes wearing it. This last part left me a bit confused but she would only say that you would have to see a 'dwaggie' food fight to really understand it. bluDragon did want me to please let her go on the record to state that the whole dragon/virgin problem was blown waaaayyy outta proportion. Being endangered (I mean how many dragons do you see out on the street?), dragons find that they have to, at times, disguise themselves as greggils [humans] when they go out. Actually, bluDragon was suffering from a form of amnesia for a while. She confided in me that she did not remember too much of the first 200 or 300 years of her life... she actually thought she was a greggil. But her true nature has since escaped and she is now succeeding in getting to know herself.

I am always curious as to how my interview victims found their way to h2g2, and what they think of it. BluDragon was wandering about the Internet one day when she came across a link to Starship Titanic. She left her email address and the next thing she knew Ford had started writing to her. Of course she wrote back, and continued watching where it was just all fields. She had to leave for a week or two and when she returned POUFF!, there it all was, so naturally she had to become a researcher. It was a bit odd for her, as she doesn't care for 'chat' kinda stuff at all. She subscribes to a couple of HTML lists, write webpages, does genealogy and takes some classes online. Occasionally she will email friends and relatives, but that's about it. Upon joining h2g2 she found there was something very special about the site. She absolutely loves being an ageless, genderless, life force. She truly enjoys the humans and non-humans she has met here. Not able to put her finger on exactly what it is about the site she likes, she states that
'It isn't just a chat, a news group, message board, free website community, game, hobby, or anything else... It's just... just... h2g2... that's all and that is the best part, it is genuine which is rare for a website nowadays.'

So far, the only things bluDragon can see about h2g2 that she would change are the message boards and server speeds... for obvious reasons. She would also like it if it didn't bother people so much if their articles are 'accepted' or not [because it isn't fun to get upset about this stuff and besides, it's only a movie]. Given the chance she would love to be able to actually talk with DNA. The only problem is that she does not know what she would say after
'Gee, I really like your books and I feel like I know you really well, but you don't know me from 'Adam'... err... 'Eve'... [er, the serpent?]'.

Of course, she feels the same way about Kurt Vonnegut. [these are the two people she would most like to be stranded on a desert island with, btw] Both of these men, and their perspectives on life, have fascinated her ever since she read their books.

Since joining h2g2 bluDragon has discovered Terry Pratchett, [who seems to be required reading for h2h2 Researchers] and what a pleasant surprise for her, she really likes his stuff. She used to read SF/fantasy all the time, but has not read much lately, so she is really enjoying him. According to her, the best thing about h2g2 is the way that dragons and non-dragons (humans, mousies, kitties, and so on) get along so well. It seems to her that all in here are live-and-let-live kind of creatures, allowing everyone to be themselves. She says h2g2 is fun
'Cause there are all kinds of things to be interested in, and everybody is an expert about something. Young, old, male, female, serious, unusual, or just silly, there's a place here for every mood and interest.'

It is also fascinating for her to watch the way things are forming up out of the goo. Just look around, there's a Newspaper, a Coffeehouse, parties springing up *hic*, RT meetings, along with serious articles and creative stuff like Damogran. h2g2 has been far more interesting for her than any other web community she has ever visited. bluDragon finds that one of the nicest parts is how age doesn't seem to be a factor in communications here. Lets face it, she is in a minority [not the dragon part, the older-than-dirt female part], but can still sit back and enjoy conversations with all kinds of life forms.

Her first Web page was an attempt to find other dragons... and boy was she surprised to find out how many are out there. So when she came to h2g2 she just kept her 'real' name. She never really planned to become the Dragon Queen of Damogran. As with so many members of the royalty, they do not choose their lot in life it chooses them. A chance comment by Toker and 'TA-DA' the crown appeared. bluDragon had no idea so many folks would enjoy coming to Court and feels sort of guilty when someone drops in and she's not there to say hello. She admits that, at times, some of the messages get buried, and it is hard to reply finding that everything gets all mixed up in the thread [but she's sure the PTWVH are working to fix all of that. 'coff, coff']. One day she may find herself running out of places to hold Court, which sort of worries her, but figures they will just add more wings to the castle or something. She has found that another problem with running a country is that she has not really been writing very many articles or visiting a whole lot of other Researcher Pages, which led to her bringing up the whole h2g2 'Addiction' problem (hehe!! We wouldn't know about that now would we?? LOL!!)...

Lastly, I gave bluDragon an opportunity to say or promote anything she wanted and this is what she came up with.

  • Go to the Hunger Site to do good works
  • Go to the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
  • Amnesty International to protect rights to liberty and free speech...
  • Go to h2g2 to have fun...
  • Be kind to mother earth... and don't forget to be kind to books... they are our bestest friends...
  • Lastly, learn more about dragons here and in the newsgroup alt.fan.dragons ['cept I don't go there very much myself... got a Queendom to run right here on h2g2]

PS. And 'hi' to all my friends here in the Guide [especially dwaggies who wear disguises, 'he he' you know who you are], thanks to all of you for being there, and being completely ridiculous most of the time. Just like real life...

PPS. It's good to be the Queen...

There you have it, the life and times of your typical dragon. Now, go and visit the sights she has recommended along with her page. I am sure you will find plenty to enjoy during your travels.


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