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Several researchers are going mad with suspense, and waiting for mail to arrive in their inbox.

It isn't that they are waiting for the e-mail from Disney saying that, because they forwarded a chain mail to their friends, they can go to Euro Disney free. They aren't waiting for a card from their loved ones, or even hoping that their article has been accepted. They are waiting for news on their applications to be either Subs or Aces. It's not only a hopeful feeling a few individuals are keeping to themselves. Several forums, and indeed the h2g2 mailing list, is full of discussions and tales of agony amidst the suspense.

A selection of what some people have written follows:
... pray... Oh please let me get an e-mail from h2g2 soon. Please!!! Amen... /pray...'
'I want to be an ACE, Peetaa, can I be one, Purrrleeease????"
'*dusts off email machine* Erm.. yeah, like it could gather dust!'

Reports have been circulating from Peta and others that appointments will be made soon, but, as these rumours have been circulating for over two months, people are starting to get downhearted. Still, if anyone DOES succeed in hearing from the Powers That Be, congratulations, and please let all those waiting in suspense know about it.


This is the reply from Peta

We are sending out a recruitment email to all those Researchers who have kindly volunteered to join forces with the Sub-editors and Aces on h2g2. Thank you all for being so patient. We're hoping to recruit up to 50 new Sub-editors and 50 Aces.

Everyone who has volunteered to be a Sub-editor will be sent an email with a 'demo' entry to have a look at and have a go at Subbing; this way they'll be able to see if they enjoy sub-editing. We'd like everyone to give it a try and then send their subbed entry back to us. We really don't expect the finished entry to be absolutely perfectly subbed first time out, it's just to give us an idea. We'll give the new Sub-editors plenty of feedback to to
help them develop their skills when they join the team.

Researchers will be able to volunteer to be a Sub or an Ace or go for both. If we offer them both, they get to pick which one they want to be. :-)

Peta Haigh Community Editor, h2g2

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