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Warning: This is a work in progress, in case you have stumbled across it in a search or however. So a lot of it will be full of notes written to remind myself to do things. I am pretending to be an absent-minded professor.

The Legal World

Terms such as: Habeas Corpus, Prima Facie, etc.


Schools, Universities, Societies, Countries (e pluribus unum)

Everyday Latin

Unless you happen to be one of two people at the Vatican who converse in latin pretty much all the time, you will limit yourself to only a few locutiones latinae*, like modus operandi.

Other than these, use of Latin tends to fall into one of the following pigeon holes.

Signs of the Zodiac

All of these are Latin words, for example (obviously) gemini means 'twins', and taurus means 'bull'.


  • Q.E.D. = quod erat demonstrandum
  • Status quo*
  • Quid pro quo
  • i.e. = id est
  • mens sana in corpore sano (Juvenal, Satire 10)
  • Difficile est satiram non scribere from Juvenal.
  • Veni, vidi, vici - Caesar.
  • Ultima Thule - Tacitus

Words that you never realized were Latin

  • Forum (somewhere open to everyone that people can do things)
  • Bratwurst*
  • Video - I see

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