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A Move, A Holiday, and a Crash

The emails continued to arrive, the competition was hotting up! A major tussle broke out between the supporters of Ant and Fenchurch! I received multiple emails from quite a few
researchers trying to sneak in under my nose. One day two very special emails arrived. They were from Dudemeister's children, one of whom had typed it himself at the tender age of three! These were both allowed as there was no lower or upper age limit set.

My life was changing almost as quickly as the lead in the race. Packing is an onerous task at the best of times, made more difficult by the constant upgrading of the site required to keep all happy. Things were thrown into black dustbin bags (a wonderful invention) and I ferried all my worldly possessions to the new house. The last thing to go was the computer, which was carefully set in pride of place in the new 'computer room'.

The next night was spent packing again... this time for a much better reason... and I flew out to my destination knowing that the site would have to just sit tight until my return. After a
wonderful five days away, which turned into six due to fog, I arrived back in England on the following Saturday feeling um... well, we won't go into that in this article!

The first thing that needed doing was to connect up the computer. All went well until it was time to turn it on. No Windows!! Nothing!! Just a rather sick-looking screen. In panic, I contacted my friend who provided the computer originally. He laughed when he saw it, saying that he better re-install Windows for me quickly! That took most of Sunday afternoon, so it wasn't until much later that I could finally check out what had been going on. Where was the email programme though? In his haste to get the computer running again, Tony had not put it back! Disaster!

Luckily I managed to sort that problem out the next night, and I was confronted by a huge backlog of email, most of which referred to the voting. There were also plenty of messages from disgruntled candidates wanting to know the state of the poll. They would just have to wait for me to catch up... and you will have to wait until next week for the RESULTS!

Next Week: The results

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