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Did you become an h2g2 Guinea Pig? - I did and although they got the day mixed up, the young lady who rang me was very pleasant.

It seemed to be set up in three main categories:

  1. Time on the net - Asking me whether I belonged to various groups... how long I was on line per day/week. Did I have my own web site etc. etc.
  2. Then came the crunch questions... What do you think of h2g2?... How would you improve the site?... Could you outline your likes and dislikes?... How often do you visit the site? etc. These were followed by 'Did You Know Questions'. They wanted to know if I understood some of the complicated issues, like how to use the search and how often I used it. I think I passed this one, do I get a medal?
  3. The third was more menacing... I believe this to be a psychological profile. I think I am now on file as one of the biggest nuts in h2g2. I tried to answer these questions honestly but it is difficult when you know what information they are trying to get out of you.

My young lady (I call her mine because by the end of the phone call we were talking like old mates) told me she had only been doing research work a few days. She was impressed with all the things previous people she had phoned had said about h2g2. I think that she intends to visit sometime, maybe a new researcher is born.

I hope that the 'Towers' get the info they want to make h2g2 even better than it is. Their commitment to undertaking this research shows that they want to continue to improve the site further. I, for one, say that they are doing a great job, and look forwards to any
improvements that may be implemented as a result of this line of questioning.

Thank you! On behalf of all Researchers for making h2g2 such a great site.


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