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A lone soldier against an industrial landscape.

Firestorm – Episode 1 Part 4

An audio book written and narrated by Terran and produced by 2legs, with additional music by Roymondo. To hear this episode, click on this link to the h2g2 Aviators website".

There was a child. He had dreams, flashbacks, even premonitions you might call them. They were of things that he had never experienced himself, but they were so startling that they frequently woke him up. Many psychologists examined him, but could not find any reason for the child to continually have these nightmares.

Prior to their deaths, Kevin's parents were loving and caring, and were clearly disturbed by the nature of his dreams. The dreams described horrific battles in space and time. Of people dying on a grand scale, and of people coming back to life, only to be erased from existence.

When his parents died these dreams only intensified.

Of course it is well known that children have wild imaginations, but this seemed to be going beyond the norm. And there was one particular dream that disturbed him the most. It was of him dying. Not once, but in many different ways. Each time the body was not his – not a child's body, not Kevin's body – but that of a man whom he didn't recognise, but at the same time was strangely familiar.

This was all very confusing for the child, however, and had been very much disrupting his school life. It made him very much a recluse, even before his parents' death. Many of the stories he was asked to write for English would revolve around his nightmares; and he was often picked on in school for his strange stories.

But, one thing that no one ever considered, was that there was an element of truth to his dreams. That his dreams touched on a world unknown to most. Even to the power behind the universe itself. Though he didn't know it, Kevin had just tapped into it, and escaped the greatest disaster that could have befallen the universe...

'Mr Boach, Miss O'Neill, why did you just try and save me from that man?' said Kevin, unaware of the events immediately prior to their current journey through the back roads of suburbia.

'Kevin, you're... special,' said Talia.

Karl looked at Talia, before Kevin could reply.

'Special how?' said Kevin.

'I think we should just leave it at that for now.' said Boach.

'Okay, but where are we going?' said Kevin.

We've got a safe house around here. And then we've got some friends who are going to protect you, when we know it's safe to take you there.'

Kevin went quiet. In his mind everything was racing, he still wasn't sure he was safe. He didn't know what to think about the teacher and the learning support tutor who had just manically chased the van he was in. He had seen the man in the van for the first time at the children's home only a few weeks beforehand, where he had lived the last few years. And he surely felt the man hadn't deserved to die. But why was he so insistent that he should go back to the home during school? And why were the history teacher and the learning support worker now hurrying him to a safe house? Were they police?

Are you police?' asked Kevin.

'Not as such. Not in the way you'd understand Kevin,' said Talia.

'We're not under British Jurisdiction, we are bound by more... Universal laws. I'm sorry we can't really explain any more until we get you out of here, otherwise all this might all be for nothing.'

Kevin carried on quietly beside the two, deep in thought...


At the site of the wreckage of the van there was no sight of a victim, which was bothering the real police. To DI Tom Erwerk this was very odd.

'The van didn't just flip upside down on its own.'

'No,' said DC Phil Travers. 'Where do you think the body went sir?'

'Assuming the man is dead,' said DI Erwerk.

Travers looked straight at his boss.

'He couldn't have survived this, surely?'

'Maybe he wasn't in it when it flipped.' mused Erwerk. 'Maybe he was.'

Travers just looked at him, awaiting instructions, so Erwerk thought he'd give him some.

'Go and ask around. Maybe someone saw something. Get the plods involved.'

Travers nodded, 'Right boss,' and rounded up some police officers to ask around.

'They'd figure this one out,' thought DI Erwerk.

He looked over towards the bushes and noticed something moving, but to his horror, was pulled in. Moments later, a facsimile of DI Erwerk walked out, blinked and joined the search for clues. There was nothing left of the original DI Tom Erwerk.

'You all right boss?' said Travers, as the new DI Erwerk approached him.

Erwerk blinked, 'Yes. Now I think we should look to see if anyone got away as well. Check for tracks.'

'Err... Okay boss.' said Travers a little uncertain.

'You sure you're okay? You look a little pale.'

Erwerk looked at Travers and blinked again.

'I'm fine. Start searching.'

Immediately the new DI Erwerk's skin, almost on command, became a healthier shade of pink...

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