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A farmers' market outside a pub in Worcestershire.

Have you ever thought 'I'd like to write something, but I don't know where to start'? Well here on h2g2 there's no better place to look at than the Flea Market for inspiration.

One of the first biographies I ever had published, Hans Christian Andersen, was in fact an entry I rescued from the dusty depths of the Flea Market. It was sat on the shelves alongside other entries that had been started by Researchers, entered Peer Review and never been fortunate enough to grace the h2g2 Front Page, usually because the author had elvised1.

For me, finding this unfinished gem made me think that with a little bit of polishing and more additional writing the entry could be perfect for the guide. What's more, the fact that someone else had shown an interest in it, made me think that others would likewise enjoy reading it.

So, without hesitation I set forth to read the entry, do more research and familiarise myself with the tone of the piece which the original author had set out. In this way I have learnt about finding a voice (ie how different people come across when they put pen to paper) and therefore help construct my own voice in other pieces.

It is also nice to check in with the original threads surrounding that Entry and make yourself known. State your intention to lovingly care for the entry and polish it up to the best of your ability. Then it is ready for Peer Review; here it will be met by constructive criticism before heading off to the Guide.

As I write this I have four Edited Guide Entries which I rescued, with one sat in Peer Review, ripe for picking. OK, so I am not so new to writing for the Guide now, but that doesn't stop me from searching for potential entries that should rightly see the light of the Guide; and writing can be great fun too.

Once I have five rescued Entries, I will be inducted into the 'Top Scavengers'. Wish me luck.

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1That is to say that they disappeared off site.

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