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This weekend saw the last games in the Six Nations

Tournament. France came out top beating the World Cup Heroes

who were just not good enough on the day. Early on it looked

as if England were to lose the match by a massive deficit, as

in the first half they found it difficult to get hardly any

points on the scoreboard. The second half saw them playing a

better game and they almost drew level by the final whistle.

It was not to be, though, and France walked off with the

trophy and the Grand Slam. Worthy winners and definitely a

team to watch later in the year and at the next World


Ireland took second place after beating the Scots who were

unable to win any of their games. Ireland also took the

Triple Crown beating England, Wales and Scotland. A great day

for the Irish who are showing great promise with some

excellent players. The Welsh demolished Italy who really did

look outclassed and suffered some desperately painful looking

injuries. Although Scotland languished at the bottom it is

well worth noting that it is largely a very new young team

who with a bit of experience will come good in the end. They,

like the Welsh, look like they are 'up for it' when they play

and you have to say passion can go a long way in this game to

reaching the pinnacle. Perhaps after the World Cup and the

retirement of Martin Johnson and Jason Leonard, England are

missing a little bit of that hunger and passion themselves.

They did not play badly but equally they did not play at

their best. Settle down lads, you can be great again!

Back to the Zurich Premiership and Wasps played bottom of

the league Rotherham, who were yet to win a game! Could this

be the one! Read on and see whether I have to cope with the

ignominy of defeat at the hands of the bottom of the


Northampton Saints - 24 Saracens 3

A lone penalty was all Saracens were able to walk away

with from their game with Saints! It was a very uninspired

squad who travelled to Franklins Gardens on Saturday. News of

the new players about to join the team did nothing to help

them here and the result leaves them languishing in eleventh

place in the league. Saints, meanwhile, scored three

converted tries and a penalty to keep them in contention with

the Premiership leaders.

Bath 23 - London Irish 21

For the second time in just seven days Bath scraped a win

over London Irish, this time with a drop goal! Once again it

looked as if Bath would finally lose a game only in the dying

minutes to come alive once more like the mythical phoenix!

Irish scored in the first three minutes and it was not until

the eighteenth that Bath forced a try to counter. From then

on the score alternated, and it looked like Irish had done

enough to counter last week's defeat. Then, in the third

minute of injury time, it was all over as a drop goal, the

second of the match from Bath, ended Irish hopes and the

whistle blew for full time. Such is the stuff that dreams or

nightmares are made of!

Sale Sharks 38 - Gloucester 20

Gloucester refused to release centre Henry Paul for the

England Sevens this weekend, stating their need to have him

in the squad for their game against Sale. Ultimately it did

not help them as they crashed with a massive eighteen-point

deficit. Five converted tries and a penalty all despite two

sin binnings and finally a man sent off in the last minutes

of the match. With the score at 31 - 6 before the sin

binnings Gloucester scored an impressive 14 points whilst the

coast was clear but it was all too late and a further try

from Sale sealed their fate. The Cherry and Whites went home


London Wasps 39 - Rotherham Titans 11

I have just returned home from watching the Wasps game

this afternoon; the weather was overcast, the crowd a little

thin but the result FANTASTIC! Sorry Rotherham I do feel for

you and you did play a decent game but we could not let you

win! Five tries gave us the much needed bonus point to keep

our second place in the league safe. Wasps played well even

if they did have a few fumbles in the game and it was good to

see Alex King, Kenny Logan, Simon Shaw and Big old Trevor

Leota back on the field once more after various injuries. The

young ones are coming on but, in my humble opinion, they

still need the support of the experienced players to keep the

team in top position. Rob Howley does a fantastic job keeping

everything together and making sure the ref knows if the

opposition is out of order, he is a real asset on the pitch.

Again experience is the key. Lawrence should be back for next

week's game against the Saints1 and he will be very welcome! Josh Lewsey

should also be returning - again we will need his speed and

skill if we are to beat Northampton and keep our second place

in the league. It was good to see Josh on the sidelines at

the Wasps/Rotherham game, its says a lot that he returned

home from playing in the Six Nations the night before and

then turned up to support his home side. Well-done Josh! Much

appreciated by the fans.

Premiership Standings as at

28th March

 Bath 18 69
 London Wasps 18 64
 Northampton 18 57
 Gloucester 18 51
 Sale 18 43
 London Irish 18 42
 Harlequins 18 42
 Leicester 18 38
 Newcastle 18 38
 Leeds 18 31
 Saracens 18 30
 Rotherham 18 02

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