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After reading the fora, it's obvious we have problems. But these are not the normal sort of problems for the normal sort of Agony Aunt. So we didn't get a normal Agony Aunt.

Dear Agony Aunt,

I am happily married to a lovely man but he has one glitch that I cannot seem to ignore any longer, his love for his toys :-( . When we were first married I was his only toy but now it seems that he has got bored and has tossed me aside for something new. What can I do to turn myself back into his 'toy'?

Sign me,

Tossed aside :-(

Dear Tossed,

The question you should be asking isn't how to turn yourself into his toy, but how to turn him into your toy . I mean which would you rather have; him toying with you, or you toying with him? All it takes is a bit of sneaky side-stepping and, before long, you will have him thinking he's doing everything for his enjoyment when, in reality, he's doing it for yours. Think of the possibilities, not only will you be getting the attention you are craving, but everything you own will be in working order . Men; don't ya love 'em?


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Agony Aunt

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