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Entry: The Monkey King - A46713521
Author: zach235 - U13804983

This entry deals with the mythical Mokey King and his use in popular culture as well as media arts. I cover the mythalogical history of the character as well as the real life influances.

A46713521 - The Monkey King

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Keith Miller yes that Keith Miller

Hi Zach and welcome to AWWsmiley - smiley.
The first thing you need to do with this entry is to spell check the whole thing as it's just not in presentable form at the moment.

Do that and also check your punctuation as well as it too needs some tightening up and then I think your entry will not only read better but will have more readers.

A46713521 - The Monkey King

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Welcome to the AWW. We can be pretty critical here, not because we're mean like that, but because most writing benefits from revision.

This gives an interesting introduction to the Monkey King legend.smiley - smiley

I think you could do more with this - perhaps tell one of the Monkey King's adventures in more detail.

However, I agree with Keith that you need to check your spelling and punctuation.

A46713521 - The Monkey King

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Thank you for replying to that posting, I am going to rewrite the entry and update it using the methods that you suggested. I wrote the entry in a bit of a rush and so I think that you are right as well. I hope you enjoy my rewrite and hope it will be posted in the finished guide.

A46713521 - The Monkey King

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LL Waz

You've got a basis for a really interesting article here. It's worth tidying up.

Post here when you've done the re-write smiley - ok?. And shout up if you want help with it.

A46713521 - The Monkey King

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I think this has FM potential as a brief look at a legendary character.


A46713521 - The Monkey King

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SashaQ - happysad

I agree smiley - ok

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