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Election Night

Who can save

The Home of the Brave

When the number one man for the next four years

Will be less respected than his deputising,

Skull-capped or bald-headed,

To the party message wedded,

Not too pretty, not too witty, image-balancer for hire?

What future can we see

For the Land of the Free

When whoever they choose on Tuesday night

Will be in the shadow of his patronising,

Pace-setting, front-leading,

Genetically for office breeding,

Crypto-dynastic, pseudo-democratic, Washington insider sire?

What does it say

About the US of A

That whoever slips in to replace Slick Willy

Will be less well-loved than a womanising,

Whitewatering (non-sailing),

Pot-puffing (non-inhaling),

Sax-obsessed, sex-obsessed, lame duck liar?

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