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Executive Toy Overload.

Another edition of this rather sporadic look at what's on the web.
This week I was pointed in the direction of
i want one of

This site advertises itself as 'stuff you don't need... but you really really want' and they're right.

There really isn't much here that you'd ever need, except for maybe the Leathermans, but there is loads here that you'll want to buy. Normally I wouldn't recommend a web site that is trying to sell anything, but the catalouge here is great. They sell lots of strange stuff. Have you ever wondered where you could buy a full size
pool table? Or a proper Jukebox? This site sells these things. From a Bubble Gun to a Fighter Jet (honest), from a
talking fish to a £million+ Catamaran.

I really suggest that you look at this site when you have a few spare minutes, you're bound to see at least one thing that you'll want, even if it is the fighter jet.


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