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Ohhhhh... I have finally managed to crawl out from behind the sofa where I was hiding from all the spooky going's on last week. Looks like I have just come out in time to enjoy Bonfire Night here in England. Such fun... but remember be safe out there... and give a doughnut to that pretty cat with the orange fur

It's A Wrap

The weekly quiz, based on Film. The names of the researchers who send in all the correct answers will be published in next weeks Post. All answers Must be in by Friday 10th November 2000.

Jurassic Park

  1. How many Academy Awards did the film win in 1993?
  2. Who directed the film?
  3. The film is based on a novel by who?
  4. Which character said, "They seem to be flocking this way"?
  5. Which of the following didn't star in the film.
    Sam Neil, David Attenborough or Ariana Richards?

The answers to last weeks question and a list of researchers with all correct answers, can be found below.

Joke of the Week

A fellow with a bad cough comes in to the pharmacy, walks up to the counter and asks for the pharmacist. A young clerk tells him that the pharmacist is not available. The man asks the young clerk if he can recommend anything for his cough.

The clerk gives him a bottle of some medicine for his cough. The customer takes a big swig, then after a few minutes, with no apparent relief, he takes another, and another.

In a short while, the pharmacist returns, and sees his old friend, the customer with the cough, sitting quietly in a booth near the soda fountain. He says to his clerk that the fellow has never before stopped at the soda fountain.

The clerk proudly tells the pharmacist the story of his transaction. The pharmacist looks at the recommended medication and angrily reprimands the clerk for recommending a laxative, instead of cough syrup.

The clerk reminds the pharmacist the whatever the mode, the medication was
effective. The pharmacist replies:
'Now, he's afraid to cough!'

Name That Song

Each week I will print a quote from a song, all you have to do is guess the title of the song and who sang it. Answers will be published in next weeks Post. This one is 'Just For Fun' folks, so don't E-Mail me the answers.

This weeks quote:-

'Look out your window I can see his light, If we can sparkle he may land tonight... '

Best on the Web

Every week I try to show you a page on the web that has got to win an award somewhere, even it is 'The Oddest Web Page on the Net Award'. So if you know a web page that I should check out for inclusion in this section, then e-mail me and let me know. Remember to keep it clean folks...

Forgotten someone's birthday, anniversary or just want to tell someone how much you care?

Want an E-Card with a difference, then try OhMyGoodness.

Very talented artist's, drawing very unique cards and animations. Take a look and see what you think


Letters to the Cat

Now some of the best letters sent in this week, keep them coming in folks.

Some letters may be edited due to space limitations

Ms Cat,

Saw this in a magazine recently, thought I would pass it along to you...

A Los Angeles record company put out a record in 1970 entitled 'The Best of Marcel Marceau.'It was 40 minutes of silence followed by applause. It sold well.

Henry Searcher

Just proves that some people will buy anything.


Dear Greebs

The difference between men and women in 5 sentences:

  1. A man is driving up a steep, narrow road.
  2. A woman is driving down the same road.
  3. As they pass each other, the woman leans out the window and yells 'PIG!'
  4. The man immediately leans out the window and replies,'Bitch!'
  5. They continue on their way, and as the man rounds the next corner, he crashes into a pig in the middle of the road.

H2G2 Researcher.

Nice one!!


Winners... we have winners here...

Well done those listed below, you got all the answers correct in last weeks' 'It's A Wrap'


Last Weeks' Answers

  1. Michael Kamen
  2. Sherwood Forest
  3. Kevin Kostner
  4. Sean Conneryl
  5. Bill Scarlet

Name That Song

'Angels' By Robbie Williams


Send your quiz answers, jokes, letters and anything else to me here:-
Greebo T. Cat

Please Write 'JUST FOR FUN' in the Subject Line, or your letter may be overlooked.

Thanks again everyone...


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