The Music Room

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And so, as you ascend the spiral staircase and your head pops up through the hole in the floor you find yourself once again in the corner of a huge rectangular room whose ceiling is high high above you.

The general colour scheme here is yellow. To be sure, the paintwork is dazzling white, but against the walls at regular intervals there appear to be tall wooden columns of (variously) canary yellow, mustard, lemon yellow, honey, a sort of interdeterminate sandy colour, amber, saffron, and a few which border periously close to orange. And so on and so on. These are the CD shelves and they hold every CD Solnushka has ever possesed, would ever have liked to posses, ever will posses and ever will have a fleeting moment of desire to posses. So, there are quite a few.

High in the long walls are three windows of the sort of size and shape usually found only in cathedrals. The border of stained glass is, of course, yellow and subtly matches the (yellow) paisly design of the two sofas which stand, encusioned, at the exact distance perfect for listening to the stereo system.

The music centre. Ah, yes. If Solnushka actually had a clue about such things, you would be astounded by the thoughtful and knowlegable mixture of equipment which has gone into the creation of The Perfect Sound. As it is, all she can tell you is that is sleek and, essentially, black. The elegant loudspeakers are black, the CD player is black, the amplifier is also black, the stand they sit on is black, the control panels are black, and every time you press one of the buttons which are labeled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up black to let you know you've done it.

You move into the centre of the room, noticing as you do so that the golden wood floorboards have the sort of glistening sheen and silky smooth feel to them which tells you Solnushka has spent a whole world of time on her knees rubbing in beeswax. Glancing above and behind the sofas, you realise that the deep window embrasure has had a number of (yellow) cushions added to it. Solnushka is in one of them. She is wearing fluffy slippers.

And the music... today we are listening to Nike Borzov, because not only is he jolly attractive, but he's jaunty and clever and over thirty...

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