Soldier Burgers

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Soldier Burgers are a rare delicacy which may be purloined from Lake Ginninderra College, in Canberra, Australia. Despite their name, they do not actually contain any soldier meat.

A Soldier Burger is a chicken burger: a bread roll with lettuce, mayonnaise, chicken patties, and cheese. Note the plural form "patties": there are in fact two of these; and both are deep-fried in oil to give a crispy crumbed outer coating, enclosing the juicy, tender chicken meat inside.

Since there are two chicken patties, a Soldier Burger is a serious mouthful. And how! Taking a bite through the alternatively soft and crispy textures, feeling the taste roll over your tongue, is an orgasmic experience.

Soldier Burgers cost about A$4.50 each, and must be ordered specially from the canteen at Lake Ginninderra College. Be prepared to wait five minutes or so, as they're made freshly and to order.

There are rumours of the fabled Double Whammy Soldier Burger, a Soldier Burger with four chicken patties instead of two. None have ever been witnessed. The reader is left to guess at the pure ecstasy promised by this.

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