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"Good Morning, thanks everyone for coming

To the annual departmental review

Personally, it's been a year of many challenges

Most of them caused directly by you!

To help you celebrate my first year in-situ

I'd like to share some take home themes

And even, if you'll indulge me

One or two personal dreams"

"This year, we know, I've had set-backs

And I embrace our culture of no blame

But I took the opportunity, in tandem

To sack those responsible all the same.

We'll continue to right-size the department

Let me mind-share, our face-time is short

Those who remain off message, I promise

Will all eventually be caught"

"My first year as your leader

Has been very exciting for you all, I know

But how can I possibly lead you

When you won't tell me where you want to go?

As your leader, I say to you; Trust me

We must lose sight of the shore to discover new lands!"

(Unfortunately, we all know our dear leader

Couldn't discover his arse using both hands)

"I say to everyone here this morning

We all have a personal leadership role

To ensure our continued capability

And each one of us must own that goal.

Individual initiative, but in a framework

Empowered, but with a command structure in place

Room to develop, but with incentivisation

Succeeding together, but with plenty of space.

We must innovate in an iterative fashion

Remain cutting edge to deliver and grow

Recontextualise our holistic capabilities

To ensure we remain "best in show"

Ensure our methodologies and transition planning

Continue to evolve, to leverage our strong brand

Architecting our parallel platforms

To deliver the added-value, we've planned

I'm dreaming of a synergistic end-state vision

Which is backward-compatible, enterprise-wide

We'll be principle-centred, high band-width

Go the extra mile to avoid the blind-side

We must control all the controllables

Push the envelope beyond where we dare

But what's particularly mission-critical

Is that I'm not uninstalled early next year!"

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